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Choosing a Bug Out Location: Staying Safe When SHTF

Even though it is wiser to bug in rather than to bug out in a majority of survival scenarios, there may be certain situations where your home is directly threatened and you have no choice but for you and your family to bug out for the sake of safety.

In the event that you do evacuate your home, you need to have at least one place for you to bug out to, or a bug out shelter.  Where this bug out shelter is and how you will get there will largely determine whether or not you bugging out keeps you and your family alive. read more

Preppers List – Everything You Need to Weather a Disaster

Face it, when emergencies strikes, everything goes to pot. You’ll be lucky if life is anything at all like it used to be. However, if you make sure to stock up on the most important items, you can drastically decrease your chances of going extinct, as well as maintain your quality of life during a disaster. This is why you need a proper list to prepare – a.k.a. Preppers List.

The following list is an ambitious catalog of items that take into account many kinds of possible disaster scenarios. The items included are designed to help you create a stockpile to get you through the short term, but also give you the tools necessary to become a self-sustaining powerhouse, capable of producing pretty much everything you would need to survive for an extended period of time, even several years. read more