How to Make a Paracord Bracelet- Step By Step (with images)

Pretty is as pretty does – and a bracelet made from paracord does a lot. What began as a practical way for firefighters, soldiers, and outdoorsmen to carry extra cord has ballooned into a booming business which serves urbanites and outdoor aficionados. Aside from being hip, there are very real, very practical situations where a paracord bracelet (also referred to as a survival strap) can not only be handy but be lifesaving.

Among the various survival situations an outdoor adventurer can find themselves in, and where paracord can be useful. The individual strands can work as a bowstring, a fishing line, or as a thread to repair a tent. In fact, you have a tourniquet to stop severe bleeding or a way to hold a splint on a broken limb. You can even replace a broken backpack buckle using the one on the bracelet. All of the bracelet’s components buckles, shackles, 550 sheath and the core material itself can be used in a multitude of the situations.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to make a paracord bracelet with a list of items you will need and where to find them.

Material List:

• Paracord (length varies)
• Clip
• Scissors
• Lighter

Instruction To Make A Paracord Bracelet

1. Once you have all of the components gathered, cut the appropriate length of cord needed to fit your wrist. Rule of thumb is to measure one foot of cord for every inch of the wrist, plus an extra 18 inches, i.e. if your wrist measures 7 inches around cut a length of 8 feet – 6 inches (7 feet + 1.5 feet). Burn both ends to prevent unraveling.


2. Attach one side of a clip by feeding both ends through the bottom and pulling the cord until a loop remains, then pull both ends through the loop.


3. Attach the other side of the clip by feeding both ends through the clip and then pulling the cord through until the two sides of the clip are the correct distance apart to fit your wrist.


4. Double check before continuing by fitting it to your wrist and making any necessary adjustments.


5. Begin weaving by laying out the strands, so the double strand is in the middle with the two ends on either side.


6. Cross the left strand over the middle two.


7. Cross the right strand over the top left strand only, then behind the center two and up through the loop on the left side. Pull the two strands tight.


8. Repeat this process in reverse – crossing the right strand over the middle two, crossing the left strand over the top of the right strand.


9. And then behind the center two and up through the loop, pulling the strands tight.


10. And pull tight.


11. Continue weaving, alternating sides as you go, until you have reached the other end of the clip.


12. Cut the ends of the strands close to the bracelet. After cutting burn each end and push them down flush with the bracelet.

You can see the complete video:

How do you plan to use your paracord bracelet?