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How To Start A Fire (Extensive Guide)

One of the most important and difficult survival techniques is starting a fire.  Learning how to start a fire in the wild helps you cook food, purify water, keep predators and insects at bay, and maintain body temperature.

Fire is also great for boosting morale.  There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around a roaring fire after a long day of tromping through the woods.

Do you know what materials to gather, how much of each you need, and how to use them?  Do you know how to get the fire started and keep it going? Let’s discuss exactly what you need to know to accomplish all of these things. read more

How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood

You never really know when you’ll need the skill of knowing how to start a fire with wet wood – so it’s best to learn as early as now. The fact is that when camping or hiking, there are instances when your provisions and the weather fail you. Even if it doesn’t however, you’d at least be more confident when communing with nature because you know that should there be any problems – you’ve got it covered.

Challenges Due to the Wet Wood 

Water kills off fire, moisture in the wet wood prevents it from catching fire. This problem is double if the ground and the general condition of the environment are wet. However, wet wood doesn’t make the task impossible as you’ll soon see! read more