7 Simple DIY Homemade Survival Weapons (Step-by-Step) – w/ Video

Keeping a weapon at home can make you feel safe at nights, and learning how to make them yourself can be a great hobby and may be a lifesaver someday. However, as much as these weapons can provide security, they are still weapons and you should treat them with respect.

I have identified some weapons you can make at home with instructions on how to make them.

Compound Bow from PVC pipes

Compound bows can be expensive, but you can actually make one using PVS pipes. Here is how.

  1. Heat and bend both ends of the PVC pipe and the riser to make the bow.
  2. Flatten the limbs and cut out a rectangular piece on each end. Then drill holes on each of the limb’s sides.
  3. Cut 8 circles from the PVC pipes to make the cams. 4 should take the largest circles while the other 4 should be roughly smaller by half.
  4. Laminate 4 circles (2 large for the outer walls, 2 small for the inner walls) with PVC cement to form both cams. Cut out part of the cams to make a hook for the strings.
  5. Assemble the cams and the bow with nuts, washers, nylon spacers, and threaded rods.
  6. Fold the end of a long cord and twist it around itself to make the bow string. Coat it with hot glue.
  7. Measure the proper length of the cord and twist the other end of the string. Attach it on the cams and idler wheel.

Pro tips: For a smoother, non-sticky surface, use epoxy into the tracks of the cams to seal small gaps.

With DIY compound bows, you can practice your aim while feeling safe at home.

Mini Cannon from a Lighter

If you want to own a mini-cannon but do not want to spend much, then follow these DIY instructions to make one out of a barbecue lighter.

  1. Disassemble the barbecue lighter. Extract the trigger, the gas chamber, and the piezoelectric igniter.
  2. Sand down the white plastic piece from the gas chamber to fit in the barrel.
  3. Drill a hole at the back of the gas chamber to insert a quarter inch bolt.
  4. Fasten 2 screws onto the gas chamber.
  5. Wrap around both of the piezoelectric igniter wires underneath the screw heads.
  6. Chop the trigger to fit with the barrel and put it back.

Pro tips: To prevent shock from pulling the trigger, cover the screw heads with hot glue.

Now all you need are some airsoft pellet guns, and you can start practicing your mini-cannon aim.

Pump-Action Rocket Gun

Although it is technically legal for civilians to own rocket launchers, the cost alone is enough to dissuade people from getting one. It’s a good thing though that you can make one using regular household items.

  1. Cut the PVC pipes to make 2 holding chambers. Add fittings and glue them together.
  2. Dry-fit the pipe pieces based on the rocket launcher model you want to make.
  3. Apply the primer to make the connection. Then apply the PVC cement and twist the pieces together to form the rocket launcher.
  4. For the trigger, drill the PVC cap and insert the switch.
  5. For the electrical system, you can use a doorbell wire to connect the trigger switch and the sprinkler valve wires. To power up, put a volt snap connector in sequence when you pull the trigger.
  6. You can pressurize the launcher with an air compressor or a bike pump.

Pro tips: If you want to shoot water balloons and paintball, you should also make barrel adaptors.

With resourcefulness, getting your dream rocket launcher is not impossible after all.

Stun Gun

Stun guns are handy to protect yourself, so create one and follow these 5 easy steps.

  1. Print a gun-shaped frame from the 3D printer.
  2. Insert the metal probes on the muzzle area of the frame.
  3. Solder the generator output wires to the metal probes.
  4. Place the battery holder with the lithium battery on the grip of the frame.
  5. Place the switches on the trigger and at the hammer area of the frame.

Pro tips: The switch on the hammer area will serve as the security switch to avoid unintentional stuns.

Now you are ready to zap those evildoers. Be careful not to use your stun gun on your friends though.

Simple Sling shot

Slingshots are not just for kids; they can also be used for your protection. Make one and follow these DIY steps.

  1. Mark the 15mm and 210mm mark in your 15m PVC pipe.
  2. Cut the pipe on the 210 mark.
  3. Draw a line around your pipe at the 75mm mark. On the tip, draw 2 exactly opposite lines down the 75mm mark.
  4. Cut the 2 lines down the 75mm mark.
  5. Heat the pipe until it becomes soft and flexible.
  6. Bend the pipe into Y-shape.
  7. Drill opposite holes at the bottom of the pipe.
  8. Wrap the cord around the pipe grip, from top to bottom. Then insert the end of the cord in the hole and tie it.
  9. Drill holes on the tips where you will tie the slingshot bands.

Pro tips: When practicing, do not raise the slingshot to eye level to protect your eyes.

Slingshots may be simple, but they can seriously hurt anyone so you must be careful.

Stone Axe

Stone axes, or celts, are popularly used in the ancient times. Today, you can still use one for your own protection. Here is how.

  1. Hammer and peck the stone into the shape of a stone head.
  2. Polish and grind the stone head to sharpen it.
  3. Create a hole onto the log which will serve as the handle of your stone axe.
  4. Wedge the stone head into the log hole.

Pro tips: Find a rock that already looks like the shape of a stone head to save effort.

The stone axe might be rarely used now, but do not underestimate it and still handle it with care.

Blow Gun

Blowguns are commonly used by the tribesmen. But if you want to use one, follow these simple instructions on how to make it.

  1. Split up the bamboo into two.
  2. Clean and hollow out the walls.
  3. Sand the walls to smoothen the passage where the darts will go through.
  4. Seal the air gaps and pinch the pieces together with glue or cord.
  5. Create a dart by attaching the cotton at the end of the pointed stick. You can use a glue or cord to do this.

Pro tips: Always check if owning a blow gun is legal in your area before making one.

Make sure you will practice in an open space because you would not want to hurt anyone accidentally.