Camping For Couples: 11 Tips to Stay Sane and Make it Romantic

If you love being out in the wilderness and you love your spouse or partner, then why would you not combine the two together and go on a romantic getaway out into your favorite campsite?  However, there’s no denying that there’s a lot that can go wrong during any camping trip, from being cold and wet to getting lost to forgetting to pack something important.

These eleven tips can make your next camping trip as a couple as sane and romantic as possible:

Selecting a Destination That’s Romantic

The very first thing to do is to select a camping destination, and specifically a place that’s romantic.  Choose a location that matches you and your partner’s preferences, whether that be next to a waterfall, in an open field under the stars, or next to the ocean or a lake with a good view of the sunset..

Packing Appropriately

After you have selected your destination, the next thing you need to do is pack for your trip.  This is one of the most important parts of camping preparation.  Make sure that you include a good sized couple’s tent (more on this later), warm sleeping bags, comfortable sleeping pads, folding chairs, cooking equipment, and a cooler with food and beverages.

Incorporating Activities That Your Partner Loves

There will be some activities that you and your partner love together and others that only you or they love, but what’s important is that you make your couple’s camping retreat as fun for your partner as possible.  The good news is that the outdoors provides you with the opportunity to do just about anything, from cooking to biking to hiking to kayaking to taking pictures and so on.

Cooking Together

You should ideally have each meal planned out in advance of embarking on your camping trip.  Plan on having the bigger meals for breakfast and dinner and then having snacks for lunch..  Select foods that are easy to cook out in the wilderness.  Examples include pancakes, rice, sandwiches, or pasta.  Just share the responsibility of cooking.

Dividing Your Chores

Speaking of responsibility, if you each have roles for who does what chores at your home, you should preserve those roles for your camping trip.  This way the cooking, dish washing, and packing up responsibilities will continue to be evenly divided between you two, with neither of you doing more work.

Investing in a Couple’s Sleeping Tent

Purchasing a tent that you can both fit comfortably inside is important.  The best choice for a couple’s tent will be a three person tent because there will be extra room and space for your belongings. While a two person tent may be cheaper, it’s also designed to only fit two people and nothing more, so it will feel very cramped.

Why Cozy Candlelit Dinners Are Always a Good Idea

Since your camping trip with your spouse or partner is essentially a romantic getaway, it makes sense that you would want at least one of your dinners to feel romantic.  A candlelit dinner while the sun is setting is one of the best things you can do to make your couple’s camping trip feel as romantic as possible, even if the meal you are eating is relatively simple.  Complete the set up with a bottle of wine and a nice table cloth over the table.

Avoiding Time Spent on Your Cell Phone

Can it really be considered true camping if you’re on your cell phone all the time?  Obviously not, and furthermore time spent on your cell phone will only distract you from spending time doing activities with your loved one.  Besides, the whole point to camping out in the wilderness is to temporarily get away from the busy hassles of your normal life back home.

Surprising Your Lover By Making a Promising Breakfast

Just as you will want to surprise your lover with a nice candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine during the sunset, you can also surprise them in the morning when they wake up with a fancy breakfast.  Again, your meal can be simple while also being romantic, but it should feel complete: pancakes and eggs with a glass of orange juice is a great idea.

Know Your Partner’s Limits: No One is Perfect

You should be fully aware of your partner’s limits before heading into the camping trip.  For example, camping out on a windy mountainside may sound adventurous, but is it really something that you or your partner want to go through?  In order to make your couple’s camping getaway as fun and as romantic as possible, you need to be very realistic about what’re going to do.

Lying Under the Stars – the Perfect Camping Activity

In the end, likely nothing will be more enjoyable than simply lying with your partner under the stars.  Choosing a camp location beforehand with a good view of the stars is critical to ensure that you and your partner will be able to do so.  Include lying or sleeping under the stars in your itinerary.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things such as a VW Campervan Hire, being innovative can add to your camping experience as a couple.