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The Definitive Bug Out Bag Checklist – Everything You’ll Need

Bug Out Bag list

One of the most popular concepts in the world of prepping is the bug out bag, also known as the go to bag or the three day survival bag.  When disaster has suddenly struck and you have no choice but to evacuate your home NOW, your bug out bag is what you grab before you go.  It needs to be easily accessible and contain enough supplies to make you survive for a minimum of seventy two hours after a disaster.

Building a bug out bag is one of the most important things you can do as a prepper because how well you build it will largely determine how long you survive for after you bug out from your home.  However, if you build your bug out bag the wrong way by filling it up with the wrong items or not having enough of the right items, it can be a death sentence that not only kills you but your family as well. read more