Best Bushcraft Knife With Reviews

Tough, cool, and ready for anything- you can be all that and more by having the best bushcraft knife. This knife is so reliable that it can even help save lives.

A bushcraft knife is designed to handle tough use. It can be relied on a wide range of use, from simple tasks to those requiring precision cutting.

Bushcraft Knife Reviews

Spyderco Bushcraft PlainEdge Knife


The Spyderco Bushcraft PlainEdge Knife boasts of a Scandinavian grind. It has an O-1 steel blade with a cutting edge of 3.9 inches. It also comes with a leather sheath.

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Best Military Watches With Reviews

Harsh situations require a watch that will be reliable and trustworthy. The best military watch will provide you durability, toughness, and accuracy.

Before you choose a military watch as your choice, you need to consider a range of features which include: altimeter, compass, calendar and shock resistance apart from its ruggedness and durability.

It is the case that military watch values functionality and durability over design while a good military watch is stylized to give you a classic look. Also, it is capable of warning you of an impending weather change. read more

Best Machete With Reviews

A machete should have the ability to adapt to different uses and elements from garden work to preparing meals. The best machetes are the ones that will let you both explore and survive.

When selecting a machete you should look for a combination of the following features – specific dimension for mobility, quality components to ensure durability, and a comfortable design for ease of use.

Utility machetes have historically been the ultimate survival tool in the harsh wilderness. They come in different shapes and sizes but the best ones are the ones which keep the basics. read more

Best Tactical Flashlight With Reviews

No home should go without a powerful handheld tactical flashlight. Whether it is used for night time safety, hunting spotlights, emergency lighting, home security, or even looking for your keys in your purse – the uses for the best tactical flashlight are endless.

When choosing a LED tactical flashlight, you should look at a combination of the following features; programmable modes, brightness (LED lumens), durable materials, battery life and ability to perform more than one task.

A portable tactical flashlight will help upgrade your personal safety, effectiveness and abilities in the many areas where darkness is your nemesis. I have listed some of the top options below. read more

Best Pocket Knife With Reviews

Pocket knives are an essential part of a survival kit. They are also great everyday carry tools. If you’re going to buy a pocket knife, it’s important that you select the best pocket knife possible. That way your new purchase won’t fail you when you need it most.

There are many things to consider when buying a pocket knife: price, use, and reliability are important when choosing which pocket knife to buy. Luckily, I’ve already done the research and I’ve picked out some of best pocket knives you can buy. read more

7 Simple DIY Homemade Survival Weapons (Step-by-Step) – w/ Video

Keeping a weapon at home can make you feel safe at nights, and learning how to make them yourself can be a great hobby and may be a lifesaver someday. However, as much as these weapons can provide security, they are still weapons and you should treat them with respect.

I have identified some weapons you can make at home with instructions on how to make them.

Compound Bow from PVC pipes

Compound bows can be expensive, but you can actually make one using PVS pipes. Here is how.

  1. Heat and bend both ends of the PVC pipe and the riser to make the bow.
  2. Flatten the limbs and cut out a rectangular piece on each end. Then drill holes on each of the limb’s sides.
  3. Cut 8 circles from the PVC pipes to make the cams. 4 should take the largest circles while the other 4 should be roughly smaller by half.
  4. Laminate 4 circles (2 large for the outer walls, 2 small for the inner walls) with PVC cement to form both cams. Cut out part of the cams to make a hook for the strings.
  5. Assemble the cams and the bow with nuts, washers, nylon spacers, and threaded rods.
  6. Fold the end of a long cord and twist it around itself to make the bow string. Coat it with hot glue.
  7. Measure the proper length of the cord and twist the other end of the string. Attach it on the cams and idler wheel.

Pro tips: For a smoother, non-sticky surface, use epoxy into the tracks of the cams to seal small gaps. read more

Best Self-Defense Weapons

Self-defense weapons come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re planning to buy one, you need to know what the best self-defense weapons are.

Guns may not be the best option for everyone and it may not even be allowed in some places. Learn about the best self-defense weapons to select a weapon that will work for you.

Below, I have categorized the weapons you can use for self-defense and explain how they are used so you can choose the one for your needs.

Types of Weapons You Can Use for Self-Defense

Less-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons


While it may seem like a glorified stick, the baton can be a devastating weapon if used correctly. The ability to purchase an expandable baton and carry it in a concealed manner makes this a great non-lethal self-defense weapon. read more

Camping For Couples: 11 Tips to Stay Sane and Make it Romantic

If you love being out in the wilderness and you love your spouse or partner, then why would you not combine the two together and go on a romantic getaway out into your favorite campsite?  However, there’s no denying that there’s a lot that can go wrong during any camping trip, from being cold and wet to getting lost to forgetting to pack something important.

These eleven tips can make your next camping trip as a couple as sane and romantic as possible:

Selecting a Destination That’s Romantic

The very first thing to do is to select a camping destination, and specifically a place that’s romantic.  Choose a location that matches you and your partner’s preferences, whether that be next to a waterfall, in an open field under the stars, or next to the ocean or a lake with a good view of the sunset.. read more

How To Plan A Camping Trip

Knowing how to plan a camping trip is crucial if you want to enjoy this time with nature and away from all the usual perks of modern life. That first camping trip can make or break your decision to have more sojourns with nature. If you can start if off perfectly, you’ll find that the next outdoor trips will be so much easier as well as pleasurable.

Identify your Campsite

Choose a campground taking into account the people you’ll be camping with and the activities you plan to have. If you’re camping with the kids, then something a little nearer to civilization with a few modern facilities (like a toilet) is ideal. For adult-only excursions however, something a little rougher shouldn’t be an issue. read more

How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood

You never really know when you’ll need the skill of knowing how to start a fire with wet wood – so it’s best to learn as early as now. The fact is that when camping or hiking, there are instances when your provisions and the weather fail you. Even if it doesn’t however, you’d at least be more confident when communing with nature because you know that should there be any problems – you’ve got it covered.

Challenges Due to the Wet Wood 

Water kills off fire, moisture in the wet wood prevents it from catching fire. This problem is double if the ground and the general condition of the environment are wet. However, wet wood doesn’t make the task impossible as you’ll soon see! read more