How To Start A Fire (Extensive Guide)

One of the most important and difficult survival techniques is starting a fire.  Learning how to start a fire in the wild helps you cook food, purify water, keep predators and insects at bay, and maintain body temperature.

Fire is also great for boosting morale.  There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around a roaring fire after a long day of tromping through the woods.

Do you know what materials to gather, how much of each you need, and how to use them?  Do you know how to get the fire started and keep it going? Let’s discuss exactly what you need to know to accomplish all of these things. read more

Best Rangefinder With Reviews

The best rangefinder in your hand is a huge advantage when you are outdoors. You can use it to improve shooting accuracy or simply use to spot far-off prey.

A rangefinder helps to determine the elevation, as well as distance and bearings of a target. These are critical information not just for precision shooting but for timely preparations as well.

Rangefinder Reviews

Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 Rangefinder


The Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 Rangefinder has anti-reflective lenses that are multi-coated. It has O-ring seals that are capable of repelling debris, dust and moisture. Its exterior has a rubber-armored coating. read more

Best Multi Tool With Reviews

You can do more when you have the best multi tool on hand. Different tasks can easily be done with just a quick change of attachment.

A multi tool can turn into a grinder, polisher, buffer, drill and so much more with just this one item. You do not have to deal with multiple bulky equipment for your various needs.

Multi Tool Reviews

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Multi-Tool


The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Multi-Tool has 27 tools including a metal file, scissors, bottle opener and screwdriver. This Swiss-made item has a stainless steel body. It comes with a leather pouch. read more

Best Outdoor Watches With Reviews

Be safe and more prepared when hiking, trekking or camping in the great outdoors with the best outdoor watches. Never be lost again or caught unprepared in a thunderstorm.

Know when to seek shelter or set up camp by using the information provided by a good outdoor watch. Information like temperature, altitude, GPS directions and weather updates(i.e., storm alerts) are provided by these nifty watches.

Outdoor Watches Reviews

Garmin fenix 3


The Garmin fenix 3 has scratch-resistant sapphire lens. It has wireless connectivity plus an EXO antenna. Battery life is up to six weeks in watch mode, 20 hours in GPS or training mode, and 50 hours in UltraTrac mode. read more

Best Arrow Rest With Reviews

Do you want to have better precision when you shoot your arrows? Get the best arrow rest and see the big difference in your marksmanship.

Using an arrow rest reduces the oscillation that can keep the arrow from hitting the target. It helps in a better, straighter, and more precise shot every time.

Arrow Rest Reviews

HDX Arrow Rest


The HDX Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs is made of durable stainless steel. It looks sleek because of its curved capture bar design. It has advanced technological features in velocity drop away, lock down, and vibration. read more

Best Hunting Backpack With Reviews

With the best hunting backpack, you get to organize all your hunting gear and keep it you always. You can have easy access to all your things without them getting the way.

This backpack comes in camouflage patterns that will not make you stand out on a hunt. It has multiple compartments to store your gear in a more organized manner.

Hunting Backpack Reviews

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack


The Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack stands out because it has a contour shape, which narrows at the top and bottom. It also has a strategic weapon-sized cover. You can compress this bag using the side straps. read more

Best Warmest Mittens With Reviews

Cold hands are no fun and frostbites are no joke. Keep your hands warm with the best/warmest mittens. Never be without a pair with you.

The skin over the hands and fingers can get cracked and painful from the biting cold. Keep the hands protected and avoid cold burns and frostbites by wearing mittens.

Warmest Mittens Reviews

Mount Baker Modular Mitts


The Mount Baker Modular Mitts by Outdoor Research are made of GORE-TEX. They also contain three layers of 70 Denier Taslan Ripstop Nylon. They are lightweight, breathable and waterproof.

>>>> Click Here To See Customer Reviews & Current Price <<<< read more

Best Solar Oven With Reviews

Harness the heat of the sun and use it to cook food, heat beverages or pasteurize milk. The best solar oven traps solar heat for safe cooking.

Using solar ovens is a clean and environmental-friendly way of cooking or heating food and beverages. It has no flames that cause fires or leave charred areas on food.

Solar Oven Reviews

All American Sun Oven – Dehydrating and Accessories Package


The All American Sun Oven by Sun Ovens International, Inc. comes with a baking rack and dehydrating set, two loaf pans, and two easy-stack lidded pots. It is portable and lightweight. It can reach 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. read more

Best Hunting Boots With Reviews

Hot, sweaty and uncomfortable feet won’t help in a hunt. Wearing the best hunting boots will take care of your feet while you go after your magnificent prey.

Hunting boots keep the feet comfortable, with good ventilation to keep the feet from getting hot and sweaty. This greatly helps for better movement when going after prey.

Hunting Boots Reviews

Men’s Mountain Extreme NI Hunting Boot


The Men’s Mountain Extreme NI Hunting Boot from Kenetrek has a strengthened rubber sole guard. The boot is lightweight, breathable and water-resistant. The nylon midsoles can offer extra support when carrying hefty things. read more

Best Tactical Knife With Reviews

Want to be cool and tough during an outdoors adventure? Have the best tactical knife and be ready for anything. This knife will cut through anything and make life in the great outdoors a little bit more comfortable.

A tactical knife is a multi-tool that can function for almost anything. It can slice food, cords, and wood. It can be used for digging or taking stuff out from rocks or trees. The ways to use a tactical knife are endless.

Tactical Knife Reviews

Zero Tolerance Folding Tiger Striped Blade


The Folding Tiger Striped Blade by Zero Tolerance provides a SpeedSafe manual assistance. The blade is made of S30V stainless steel and has a tungsten diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. The G-10 black handle has a matte texture. read more

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