Best Tactical Pants

Need to have more than a few vital items with you everywhere? The best tactical pants should do the job. These pants are like regular cargo pants but with more function and with reinforced durability.

Tactical pants keep items organized for easy retrieval. Its incredible durability can hold up to even the toughest conditions. No fear of pockets ripping apart in the middle of an activity.

Tactical Pants Reviews

5.11 Men’s TacLite Pro Pant


The Men’s TacLite Pro Pant by 5.11 has an extensive triple-stich strengthening for added durability. The Taclite material is 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester. The Teflon treatment prevents the fabric from getting soiled easily.

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BLACKHAWK! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants


The BLACKHAWK! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants are equipped with a durable water repellent (DWR). They have dual layers in the knees and seat for added protection. They even provide a hidden zippered pocket for your valuables.

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Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant


The Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant by Columbia is made of 100 percent nylon. The zip-off legs transform the pant into a short. It has an Omni-Wick evaporation technology and Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun shield.

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Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant


The Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant by Propper is resistant to wrinkling, shrinking and fading. It has a Dupont Teflon protector to prevent the fabric from getting stained. It comes with an action stretch waist band and nine pockets.

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Men’s Phantom LT Tactical Pants


The Vertx Men’s Phantom LT Tactical Pants are made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. You can move freely with these pants because they have articulated knees. The pants are made more durable by the mini-rip-stop pattern weave.

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Advantages of Wearing Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are usually worn during combat missions and adventure trips. Others have even incorporated tactical pants into their everyday wear because of the many benefits that they provide.

Those who wear tactical pants swear on the ease of movement that they experience. The pants provide a better fit, allowing them to move more freely and flexibly.

Those who need to have extra protection for their knees will also like wearing tactical pants because it is possible to insert or incorporate knee pads into the pants.

Tactical pants are also designed to be extra durable. They are made of heavy duty materials that do not wear out easily unlike other types of clothing.

Those who wear tactical pants also like their waterproof and weather-resistant qualities. You do not have to worry about your legs getting wet and cold when you are wearing tactical pants.

Finally, tactical pants have numerous storage areas, such as pockets that are zippered, inlaid and partitioned. Some pockets are specifically designed to hold a hunting knife, pen and flashlight.

Types of Tactical Pants

The various types of tactical pants may have a similar structure but they differ in their material compositions and coatings. The top types of tactical pants are:

Lightweight – They are not as bulky as the pants used in combat missions and intense outdoor activities. They are the ones that are usually worn as everyday casual wear.

Rugged – High-performance, breathable and quick-drying materials are used in making this type ultra-durable. Those engaged in intense physical activities wear the rugged type to protect themselves from injuries.

Snow – Tactical snow pants are made of heavier fabric so that you can use them in colder climates. These pants may be heavy but they still permit you to do ample movements. The insulating GORE-TEX is commonly used to make tactical snow pants.

Convertible – The convertible tactical pants have zip-off legs that you can remove to convert the pants into shorts. This type is ideal for those who are living in dual-temperature climates.

The specifications of these types of tactical pants, however, should not restrain you. If you wish to wear a rugged type for light outdoor activities, you can do so, provided you are comfortable wearing them.

Types of Tactical Pants Fabric

Tactical pants need to be durable whether they are part of a combat uniform, adventure gear or casual outfit. The most common types of fabrics used for tactical pants are:

Cotton – Tactical pants made of cotton are heavy duty. They are also more comfortable to wear. The cotton material, however, keeps hold of moisture.

Cotton blends – Some tactical cotton pants are not made of 100 hundred percent cotton. They are made of cotton combinations to make the pants more water-resistant. A typical blend is 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester.

Canvas – This fabric is much more durable but it is heavier. It is also used for fire hoses and sails. The heaviness of the canvas will most likely constrict your movements.

Synthetic fabric – Spandex and lycra are the most common synthetic fabrics used in making tactical pants. Synthetic fabric is made of flexible and lightweight material.

These fabrics are usually given added treatments. A silicone treatment makes a fabric waterproof while a Dupont Teflon treatment prevents a fabric from getting stained easily.

Colors of Tactical Pants

Color is another way to classify tactical pants. The color does not just serve aesthetic purposes. Sometimes, you have to choose a color not based on your purpose for using tactical pants.

Tactical pants with camouflage patterns, better known as Camo, are suitable for those engaged in wilderness survival activities. The Camo will blend well with the natural environment.

Earth tones, such as dark brown and dark green, are also ideal for a wilderness setting because they can mix together with the colors of trunks, branches and leaves.

Black is a go-to choice if you have to wear tactical pants in a crowded area. This will allow you to blend into a populated crowd.

Navy blue is another popular color choice for tactical pants. You can wear navy blue if you wish to remain on the sidelines instead of standing out in a crowd.

Khaki tactical pants, meanwhile, are commonly used for light outdoor activities, such as hiking or walking. The khaki type is also often used for casual wear.