Best Tactical Knife With Reviews

Want to be cool and tough during an outdoors adventure? Have the best tactical knife and be ready for anything. This knife will cut through anything and make life in the great outdoors a little bit more comfortable.

A tactical knife is a multi-tool that can function for almost anything. It can slice food, cords, and wood. It can be used for digging or taking stuff out from rocks or trees. The ways to use a tactical knife are endless.

Tactical Knife Reviews

Zero Tolerance Folding Tiger Striped Blade


The Folding Tiger Striped Blade by Zero Tolerance provides a SpeedSafe manual assistance. The blade is made of S30V stainless steel and has a tungsten diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. The G-10 black handle has a matte texture.

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KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife


The 7-inch blade of the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife is made of 1095 Cro-van steel. It has a durable sheath made of 100 percent leather. The pommel and brass guard look stylish because they are gold-plated.

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Bushcraft Carbon Black Tactical Knife


The Bushcraft Carbon Black Tactical Knife from Morakniv has a blade made of thick carbon steel. Gripping the knife is made easy because of the high-friction rubber handle. It has a plastic sheath with a belt loop.

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Rescue Modified Tanto Tactical Knife


The Rescue Modified Tanto Tactical Knife by Mtech USA has a spring-assisted opening mechanism. The blade is black stainless steel while the handle is black aluminum. The handle even has a pocket clip.

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TAC Force Tactical Folding Knife


The Tactical Folding Knife by TAC Force has a black stainless steel blade, which is half-serrated. You can fold it easily because of the spring assist. The handle is multi-purpose because it has a glass breaker and bottle opener.

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Parts of a Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is a multi-function knife that can help you survive in the outdoors or during emergencies. Its functions include slicing, digging, cutting, hunting and making fire.

Although it has two basic parts, the blade and the handle, there are a number of other sub-parts that it would greatly help to be familiar with.

Between the blade and the handle there may be bolsters. These are protruding pieces of metal that protect the hand and may also be known as a ‘guard’.

The tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. The tang and the blade should ideally be a single piece of metal.

The pommel is intended to reinforce the butt so it can be used for hammering or striking. It is either part of the tang or a metal cap.

Tactical knifes should also come with a sheath for safekeeping. It should keep the knife from falling out while still allowing you to easily draw it when needed.

Tactical Knife Blade Characteristics

Since the blade is the most important part of the tactical knife, it is essential that you understand the basic characteristics it needs to have.

One important characteristic is the length. The blade should extend from the butt to the point (including the tang). The optimum length depends on your intended usage.

Another characteristic is the thickness. This factor determines the strength of the blade, but you should also keep in mind that thicker blades weigh more.

Blades also have different designs, including drop-points, clip-points and spear-points. The point should be sharp enough to pierce even tough leather but durable to withstand rough use.

They also have different types of edges, ranging from straight to serrated. Straight edges allow for smooth cutting while serrated edges can handle fibrous objects such as ropes.

However, serrations have serious drawbacks. They can weaken the blade unless well designed, and clog when used for chopping. They also need a special tool to sharpen them.

How to Choose a Tactical Knife

You have to choose the survival knife that you buy very carefully, since it can save your life when in the field. Here are the elements to consider.

The handle of the knife should be solid, whether it is made of polymer or hard rubber. Avoid hollow handles, since this means the blade isn’t a full tang.

There are two types of steel used in blades – carbon and stainless. Stainless steel is more rust-resistant but can be more fragile while carbon blades are sharper and tougher.

The blade design you choose should reflect what common use you put it to. Straight edges are effective for most general use and are easier to sharpen.

Serrated edges are more effective at cutting fibrous materials such as rope, even if the blade isn’t as sharp. But it needs a special stone to sharpen.

The length should also reflect its common usage. Smaller knives are lighter but also not as effective for heavier tasks; longer knives can handle these but are more cumbersome.

Tactical Knives Safety Precautions

Make sure that you are alert when using survival knives since they are very sharp. Accidents can happen if you are feeling tired or sleepy.

When cutting, always cut away from your body, and keep a firm grip on the handle. Make sure that your eye is always on what you’re doing.

Don’t behave carelessly while handling the knife. Avoid running with it or suddenly grabbing it if it falls. Also, don’t leave knives lying around unattended.

Avoid inappropriate use since this can damage your knife. For instance, don’t use the blade to pry something open since it can cause the knife to break.

When sharpening the knife, make sure you maintain the original shape and point of the blade; otherwise it could weaken. And always make sure it is dry and clean.

After you finish using it, always put it away in the sheath to avoid the knife to keep it safe, and attach it to your belt.