Best Tactical Flashlight With Reviews

No home should go without a powerful handheld tactical flashlight. Whether it is used for night time safety, hunting spotlights, emergency lighting, home security, or even looking for your keys in your purse – the uses for the best tactical flashlight are endless.

When choosing a LED tactical flashlight, you should look at a combination of the following features; programmable modes, brightness (LED lumens), durable materials, battery life and ability to perform more than one task.

A portable tactical flashlight will help upgrade your personal safety, effectiveness and abilities in the many areas where darkness is your nemesis. I have listed some of the top options below.

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL 


The Streamlight 69260 from the Streamlight brand can be considered one of the highest quality LED lights out there.  Streamlight is known for being in the tactical lighting business for over 40 years and their products prove it.

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The 69260 TLR is a gem in the collection from Streamlight, it is packed with many unique features that will aid in your hunting and safety needs.

Max Brightness – With 630 Lumens, this light allows for an extremely powerful beam, illuminating dark search areas, expanses of outdoor arenas and nighttime hunting recon missions – with ease.

Specialty Uses –The built in rail mount for firearms is a primary feature of this light. It is very easy to attach which means you’ll get to keep your fingers intact.

Durability – It is built from Aircraft Aluminum, cultivated for high temperatures and utilizes a shock proof glass lens. Meaning it will work in all climates and can outlast regular wear and tear with no issues.

Battery Power –  Uses the common CR123A battery which are long lasting and easy to replace. You wont feel the hassle of replacing batteries very often with this light.

Safety Features –The primary use of this light is as an lighting attachment to firearms. With this light you can easily attach the mount with one hand, keep both hands clear of the barrel.

This product is highly sought after for security forces, hunting enthusiasts and even marksmen. The combination of powerful light beam and ease of use when operating firearms makes this a must have.

Key Features

  • Featuring 630 lumen at peak power
  • Specially made to mount to firearms and custom item
  • Aircraft aluminum grade body for durability
  • Advantage to using for gun owners

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The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is a feature packed handheld LED tactical flashlight from the Solaray brand whose line of professional flashlight kits are known for being compact and complete.

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Everything you’ll need to use and keep your Solaray Pro ZX-1 fully operational is included. This dynamic light come with every basic feature you will need.

Interchangeable Batteries – The included lithium ion battery can be easily replaced with common household AAA batteries. This option makes this light great for power outages and camping.

Max Brightness – One of the brightest LED lights out there, boasting up to 1200 lumen this will illuminate the darkest of alleyways. It will light up your streets and parks to help with emergencies or even your own personal safety.

Specialty Modes –Featuring 5 different light settings, including a strobe function,  lens flare, and 3 separate brightness modes. You will feel prepared for any situation by using these correctly.

Durability – The Solaray is water resistant made of anodized aluminum and acrylic. This lets you use it everyday with no worry of wear and tear.

Specialty Uses – this multifaceted light can be mounted to a firearm for use in police, security and military scenarios. This feature is an absolute must when used for safety purposes.

This light is dexterous and easy to operate through many functions. This would be ideal for those looking for a safety light for defense reasons as it can fit in a pocket or a purse with no issues.

Key Features

  • Used for multiple activities offering 5 light modes
  • Compatible with both Lithium ion and AAA batteries
  • Featuring 1200 Lumens for peak brightness
  • Combination of water resistant aluminum and acrylic for durablity

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Vizeri LED 


The Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight from the Vizeri line is a quality handheld that can be touted as one of the most popular options. It comes with a sleek and slim design created through its quality production.

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Vizeri uses two fully adjustable and powerful light modes in this compact model, allowing for custom attachments as well really maximizes its functionality.

Quality Components – The Vizeri is comprised of precision made parts the quality is evident as soon as you hold it in your hand. You’ll rest easy knowing you wont have to replace this light any time soon.

Accessories –Many attachments are available for this light, thus freeing up your hands to work. You can hang this light from virtually everywhere from trees to cliffs.

Adjustable Light – The manual twist featured on this light is quite useful. This allows you to keep a focused point or you can switch up the lens for wider field in an instant.

Durability –It is graded IXP7 waterproof up to 3 feet. You be able to use this at sea or inclement weather, no problem.

Interchangeable Batteries –Allowing for either the included Lithium Ion or AAA batteries makes light quite versatile. What this means for you is max brightness and powerful illumination at all times.

The Vizeri LED tactical flashlight is ideal for those who find themselves experiencing the great outdoors regularly. Whether it is spending a day hiking, a night out camping, or a hunting trip this tool is optimal for active use.

Key Features

  • Custom build with quality components
  • Holsters and other accessories included
  • Adjustable light source for max range of view
  • Aluminum body graded IXP7 waterproof for durability

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Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 


A great Tactical light coming from the Streamlight family, one of the most reliable brands around having a history of over 40 years.

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Offering a bold, bright and battery powered tactical light for some of the most important tasks you’ll oversee in your occupation.

Max Brightness – Maxing out at 600 lumen, the one touch on switch provides plenty of power. This can improve the safety of your environment and it is great for night projects.

Compatibility –The streamlight can be customized and mounted to many different products. This works well for the very day user who is using the light for more than one task.

Operational Modes –You can change the light modes by using the back power switch. This will enable visibility through darkened windows, power outages and night patrols.

Durability – Comprised of aircraft aluminum any user can tell the quality immediately. This light will work when it needs to work, in any situation.

Accessories –Having a holster and a clip to attach to yourself or something stationary makes for easy travel. You’ll need this light on the move, so hands free is the way to be.

The Streamlight 88040 Protac is an excellent option for trade workers, EMT’s working night accidents, maintenance vehicle workers out on call, and anyone needing a bright light to illuminate their work area.

Key Features

  • Compatible for mounting on many firearms
  • 3 operational light modes for functionality.
  • Featuring 600 lumens for a powerful beam
  • Holsters and diffusers available as accessories.

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Surefire G2X 


The Surefire G2X Tactical is a staple in the Surefire Brand. A company with a reputation of always being at the forefront in creating new lighting technologies.

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The company narrative is surely backed by the quality of the Surefire G2X, with its ability to perform under pressure and through consistent rugged scenarios. 

Durability – Built with Nitrolon and Aluminum really sets this light apart. The combination accounts for a easy to handle work light, marking hard tasks simple.

Battery Efficiency – Providing 320 lumens, you benefit from a bright light by using little power. You can use it for long periods of time without having to switch out the lithium ion batteries.

Compatibility –The small size allows it to attach easily to many objects. It has been converted for extreme sports enthusiasts, police duties and even taking out the trash at night.

Simplicity – The ideal one option for power make the light and power source reliable. This simplistic approach will also make it extremely easy for any user to operate.

The Surefire GX2 is fitting for any no-frills user. It is both durable and powerful and can be used in all aspects of daily life and then some.

Key Features

  • Long lasting power provided by efficient battery supply.
  • Can be mounted on many compatible tools and firearms
  • One touch use provides a simple approach

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When looking to add a LED Tactical Light to your bevy of tools, be sure to take these into consideration. Great for uses of all types – different lights for different individuals walking all paths through life.

Sharpshooters, safety patrols, personal defense, outdoor leisure activities and even EMT duties can all benefit from the features offered through these amazing products.