Best Solar Oven With Reviews

Harness the heat of the sun and use it to cook food, heat beverages or pasteurize milk. The best solar oven traps solar heat for safe cooking.

Using solar ovens is a clean and environmental-friendly way of cooking or heating food and beverages. It has no flames that cause fires or leave charred areas on food.

Solar Oven Reviews

All American Sun Oven – Dehydrating and Accessories Package


The All American Sun Oven by Sun Ovens International, Inc. comes with a baking rack and dehydrating set, two loaf pans, and two easy-stack lidded pots. It is portable and lightweight. It can reach 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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All American Sun Oven


The Sun Ovens International All American Sun Oven has a polished look because of its anodized aluminum reflectors. It is possible to set up the oven in a few minutes. It’s easy to bring it around because it has a carry handle.

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Solavore Sport Solar Oven


The Solavore Sport Solar Oven is designed and manufactured in the U.S. It is equipped with an oven thermometer and water pasteurization tool. It also provides two ware pots made of granite.

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GoSun Sport Solar Oven


You can fry, steam, boil, and bake using the portable GoSun Sport Solar Oven. Cooking can be done in just 20 minutes with ample sunlight. During wintertime, you can cook if there’s sunlight because of the oven’s vacuum insulation feature.

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Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe


The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe is lightweight at 1 pound. It comes with an enamelware pot, oven thermometer, two baking trays, two dehydrating racks and two silicone pots. It also provides a carrying bag.

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How Solar Cooking Works

The basic principle behind solar cooking is that sunlight is converted to heat. This heat is retained in the box cooker and used to cook food.

The solar cooker is placed in an outdoor spot that receives a lot of sunlight for at least several hours. It should also be sheltered from wind.

Food to be cooked is placed in a dark pot that allows it to retain the heat. The container should also be shallow and made of thin metal.

The solar cooker has a heat trap covering that lets in sunlight and traps heat. It also has a shiny lining to reflect more sunlight onto the container.

The ideal conditions for solar cooking are when the cooker can be directly exposed to the sun. There should be no clouds or shadows to block the sun.

The best kinds of food for solar cooking are those have higher moisture content. This is because these foods will cook well over longer times with lower temperatures.

Benefits of Solar Cooking

Solar cooking is healthier since the food is cooked gradually and at moderate temperatures. In addition, the cooking process does not generate smoke that can be irritating.

Food cooked using solar cookers is generally more flavorful, tender and moist. It is also impossible for food to burn, since cooking times are less strict.

Solar cooking basically costs almost nothing since you don’t have to buy fuel for cooking. Poor families can use their savings to buy more food.

Solar cooking reduces the amount of air pollution caused by the cooking process, since there is no smoke generated. Thus, it is better for the environment.

Solar cookers can also be used to make water safe for drinking. The temperatures generated are enough to pasteurize water even if it is not boiled.

Solar cooking is easy to do, so even children can help in the process. The only supervision required is to ensure that the cooker gets the most sunlight.

Types of Solar Ovens

At present, there are three basic types of solar ovens. All solar ovens sold fall into one of the categories or combine features of two or more types.

The box cooker is the simplest type of solar oven. It can cook foods at moderate heat up to 140-degrees C and can accommodate several pots simultaneously.

The panel cooker consists of a big reflective panel that simultaneously focus and reflect sunlight onto cooking pots. However, they cannot retain heat for cooking.

Parabolic cookers can cook food more quickly and reach higher temperatures than other cooker types, but need to be constantly supervised and adjusted for the best results.

The main advantage of box cookers is that they are safe and require little supervision. However, it takes a longer time for food to be cooked.

Panel cookers do not need adjustment, but will not reach the same high temperatures as other cooker types.  You also need to protect them against wind.

Buying Solar Ovens

When it comes to buying solar ovens, the most important consideration is your needs. Where and how are you planning to use the solar cooker?

Another important consideration is the weight. It should be light enough to easily carry around but heavy enough so it won’t be knocked over by strong winds.

How well does it work in various climates? If you live in areas with harsh winters, you should look for a cooker that works all year round.

Ovens with leveling legs or levelators are more efficient, since you can adjust the angle or height of the oven to ensure it captures the optimum sunlight.

You should also look for an oven that has reflectors so it can reach higher temperatures. Ideally, the reflectors should be anodized aluminum that won’t corrode or oxidize.

Finally, the oven should be well constructed and made with durable materials. Ideally, it should give you at least ten years or more of use.