Best Multi Tool With Reviews

You can do more when you have the best multi tool on hand. Different tasks can easily be done with just a quick change of attachment.

A multi tool can turn into a grinder, polisher, buffer, drill and so much more with just this one item. You do not have to deal with multiple bulky equipment for your various needs.

Multi Tool Reviews

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Multi-Tool


The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Multi-Tool has 27 tools including a metal file, scissors, bottle opener and screwdriver. This Swiss-made item has a stainless steel body. It comes with a leather pouch.

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SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool


The PowerAssist Multi-Tool from SOG Specialty Knives is made from stainless steel. It has 16 components such as pliers, screwdriver, and v-cutter. The tool locks will prevent you from getting accidentally hurt.

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Fire Talon Multi-tool Pocket Knife


The Fire Talon Multi-tool Pocket Knife by JClaw Tek is made of black oxide stainless steel. It has wire strippers, scissors, and needle-nose pliers. It is even equipped with two LED flashlights.

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Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool


The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool has 14 tools counting in a combo knife, ruler, can opener, scissors, and screwdrivers. It is made of 420 high carbon stainless steel. It has spring-action jaws and a single-handed opening blade.

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Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier


The Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier has an open frame structure with a butterfly opening, which is easy to access. It has 12 tools including the Saf.T.Plus locking knife. It comes with a ballistic sheath made of nylon.

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Types of Multi-Tools

Multi-tools combine a variety of tools into one handy tool that you can easily carry around. These are generally divided into several categories based on their portability.

Keychain tools are the most easily portable since you can carry them along with your keys. Unfortunately, some functionality is lost in favor of portability.

Pocket tools can be carried in a pants pocket or a compartment of your bag, and contain larger tools with greater functionality, such as heavy-duty pliers.

Belt multi-tools are the largest available and include a variety of full-size tools. They are designed to be clipped onto your belt and are used by professionals.

One popular variant that has gained popularity in recent years are one-piece multi-tools. These are made with a single piece of metal and are also highly portable.

The main drawback of one-piece multi-tools is their limited functionality. They generally offer just a very few tools since the design does not support multi-functionality.

The Most Essential Multi-tool Components

Knives. All multi-tools include at least a pointed straight-edged knife. For safety, the knife should have a locking mechanism and can be opened with one hand.

Pliers. The pliers can be either regular or needle-nose, or may combine multiple-features in a single tool. They can be used to cut or bend wires.

Scissors. Although you would be better off with a separate pair, the scissors included in multi-tools can still come in handy for quick cutting jobs.

Screwdrivers. Most multi-tools include at least a Philips-head screwdriver although others may include a flat-head one as well. Some multi-tools have reversible-head screwdrivers that integrate both types.

Saws. These are another common component, although they are usually too small for many common jobs. However, they can still be useful in emergencies or for detail work.

Files. The most common type included is the wood file with a rough surface, although some multi-tools may also feature a diamond surface for working with metal.

How to Choose a Multi-tool

What do you need it for? This will help you to choose the components most useful for you so you can narrow down your options.

You also have to consider if you want a general multi-tool or one that is designed for more specialized uses, such as those for servicing guns.

How will you carry it? The majority will carry multi-tools in their pocket, although more serious users will likely want a larger-sized model carried on their belts.

Should the multi-tool have a knife? Many people prefer to carry separate knives rather than rely on the blades in multi-tools, since these may not be reliable.

Choosing a multi-tool without a blade also allows you to carry it virtually anywhere, since there are many places that ban blades with assisted openings.

How much does it cost? Buy the most expensive multi-tool you can afford. This is an assurance of quality that will last a long time.

How to Take Care of Your Multi-tool

The first step is to disassemble your multi-tool. Make sure you line up all the parts in order so you can put it together again later.

Use some abrasive paper to remove rust from the parts. Make sure that you remove all the rust; otherwise, the tool will quickly oxidize again.

Apply lubrication to the parts to ensure that they move smoothly and do not rust again. Use Teflon-based lubricants that will resist grime and grit.

If the tool has been exposed to salt water, rinse it off with fresh water as soon as possible and apply a water-displacing lubricant after drying.

If your multi-tool has a serrated blade, you will need to have a sharpener specially designed for it. Don’t use standard sharpeners designed for straight blades.

Read the owner’s manual and follow the maintenance routine recommended for your particular model. This will ensure that your multi-tool retains its functionality for years to come.