Best Military Watches With Reviews

Harsh situations require a watch that will be reliable and trustworthy. The best military watch will provide you durability, toughness, and accuracy.

Before you choose a military watch as your choice, you need to consider a range of features which include: altimeter, compass, calendar and shock resistance apart from its ruggedness and durability.

It is the case that military watch values functionality and durability over design while a good military watch is stylized to give you a classic look. Also, it is capable of warning you of an impending weather change.

Some of the best military watches are listed below

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR


Casio GW-9400-1CR is one of the latest additions to the Master of G series of tough and rugged timepieces which are made to withstand harsh conditions.

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The battery of the watch is powered by solar for easy drifting and comfortable experience in an area without electricity.

Also, it is made of high-quality materials that make it shock resistant and very capable of withstanding any form of shock at the battlefield or anywhere.

In addition to that, it is manufactured to give correct information as to your temperature and atmospheric condition as a result of the inclusion of a triple sensor feature.

Moreover, the movement of the wristwatch is powered by quartz in order to aid precision. It also comes with a one-touch time record for scheduling your time.

Furthermore, a well-manufactured watch provides maximum protection to the watch mechanism from an external element like water. Its construction makes it water resistant to water that is below 660 feet.

To top it up, the manufacturer includes a mineral crystal window to provide a double protection for the watch. This double protection feature makes it more durable and able to withstand harsh weathers.

Thus, the watch is a great tool in the hands of a hunter, biker or military man who wants a product that is capable of reading altitude, temperature or atmospheric condition.

Key Features

  • Water resistant up to 660 ft.
  • Triple Sensor for correct weather information
  • Resistant to shock
  • Solar powered battery

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Suunto Core Black


Suunto core watch is a fully featured altimeter watch that possesses a waterproof ability which aids shallow diving. The watch and its features are very easy to use.

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The watch is manufactured to provide the temperature, altitude and the atmospheric conditions of your location and also to withstand harsh usage or abuse of normal usage.

Moreover, a Suunto watch uses an art of altimetry which is more reliable than GPS. This makes the watch more accurate, reliable and can work anywhere irrespective of your location.

Furthermore, it comes with an alarm that alerts you of your present topography and its movement apart from the sunrise and sunset time prediction ability that it has.

It also has a storm alarm which can sense an approaching storm, even if the sky is very clear, and warns you of the impending storm. Thus, helping you increase your safety.

In addition to this, the watch comes with a lock features that prevents you from pressing its buttons accidentally. This makes it a potential tool for a passionate hiker.

Unsurprisingly, the watch built with an inbuilt weather trend indicator for the weather forecast. It can forecast weather between the ranges of 3 – 6 hours, thus provides you a good knowledge of the future weather condition.

Conclusively, this watch can thrive well without any GPS signal; this makes it a good watch for anyone that is going out from the reach of the GPS satellite. It is a good tool for a climber.

Key Features

  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Barometer memory to keep log
  • Made from aluminum for durability

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Seiko Propel Men’s Solar Military Watch


Seiko propex Men’s solar military watch is made from stainless steel, fabric, and nylon with a strap of green which gives the watch elegance and stunning look.

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The watch is also made from waterproof materials which can withstand up to 100m water level. This makes shallow diving possible with it.

Moreover, it is made from a stainless steel and has a hardflex which gives the watch a classic look. It goes well with both casual and formal wears.

Furthermore, when well cared for, it can last you for a long time and is manufactured to withstand harsh environments and usage.

Likewise, the battery of the watch is a solar rechargeable battery that does not need any electricity for charging whenever its battery gets flat.

Also, the watch is powered by quartz which makes it more reliable and accurate to use. Apart from this, it adapts easily to daylight saving timing.

In fact, the materials that are used in producing this watch makes it light. It comes with a 21mm band and a case of 42mm diameter and 13mm thickness which gives it an easy to carry an advantage.

As a consequence of its durability, reliability, accuracy and style, it becomes a useful tool in the hand of an individual who wants a military watch that has a mix of form and quality.

Key Features

  • Inclusion of alarm for weather change alert
  • Powered by quartz for accuracy
  • Hardlex crystal for dial protection

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Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR “Pathfinder” Triple Sensor


PAG240T-7CR is capable of lasting longer than any other watch with its full functionality. It is also a great watch which can withstand extreme usage.

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It is fine-tuned with a triple sensor like its functionality and equipped with a self-charging ability through solar power. Its triple sensor makes it shock resistant.

As a result, the watch provides information as regards to the topography, temperature, atmospheric condition and location of a particular place.

Moreover, the case of the watch is designed to provide a more functional and well-protected tool. It also comes with the ability to predict the sunset and sunrise.

It is water resistant and also employs a more functional exterior case design for protection. It also has the ability to predict the sunset and sunrise time.

Apart from this, the wristband is made from Titanium which is known to be a good quality. It also comes with a double push button fold over which provides for safety clasp.

The presence of quartz in the watch aids its time precision. It also has a daylight saving function for the purpose of accuracy.

It comes with many high-tech features such as 5 alarms, stopwatch, a countdown timer and a 48 cities time zones for a good functionality.

This tool is of good use for people who do not stay in a particular time zone or who want an accurate time at all time. It is useful for trekkers and hunters.

Key Features

  • Mineral dial window for easy reading
  • Ability to save power for future.
  • Altimeter with a memory to log your topography

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Casio X-Large Display Stealth Black Watch (GA110-1B)


The Casio GA110-1B is a tough and unique watch that takes timepiece to a new level by adding some new features to the existing ones on the G-shock family.

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The watch also boasts of being an ideal tool for an adventurer who might seek adventure within the water as it has the ability to resist water up to 200 meters deep.

Moreover, it possesses the ability to resist shock and magnetic effect which save it from all form of shocks and magnet it can encounter.

Furthermore, it comes with a multiple alarm of which one warns of the incoming squall. Its alarm also alerts you of any change of topography.

Beside its CR1220 battery that can last for about 2 years, its battery is removable and very easy to change.

As a matter of fact, its time accuracy is ±15 seconds per month. It also has a daylight saving ability which can be off and on. It comes with an auto calendar for easy knowledge of the date.

In addition to the above, it is very durable and functional as it has the capacity of withstanding the abuse of normal usage or harsh weather

Conclusively, its durability makes it a potential tool for climbers, divers, hikers, military personnel and anyone who wants a durable product.

Key Features

  • 4 daily alarms and a snooze alarm for warning
  • Full auto-calendar
  • Auto LED function with afterglow for readability

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Strangers get confused at a crossroad without a guild. You are the stranger here; the crossroad is the choice of the best military watch and the guild is our review.

You are now loaded with the information needed to buy a military watch, all you just need to do is to use the information given on this page as your guide while buying a military watch.

What to Consider When Buying Your Military Watch

There are many factors you need to look out for whenever you want to buy a military watch. These factors are as follows:

Case: A well-built case provides protection to the watch mechanism from external elements. The design and construction of the case impact its water resistance and durability. You should examine the case to ensure it is built with quality materials and is sturdy.

Dial: A good dial allows you to check the time quickly or precisely and is of two types – analog and digital display. Analog display provides for quick time checking while digital provides for good time keeping. Always consider the dial that fits your purpose.

Movement: A good watch will have its internal parts composed in such a way that the accuracy of the time will be maintained through quartz. You should examine the watch to be sure that the movement is powered by quartz.

Wristband: A wristwatch with a firmly attached quality wristband will be more durable and can survive better in a harsh environment. You need to consider the wristband and ensure that it is quality and well attached.

Waterproof:  A high-quality wristwatch is made to give maximum protection to the internal mechanism when swimming and against shock. Always check the wristwatch to ensure that it is made with the quality that will make it rugged.

Picking the Military Watch with the Right Band

Military watches come in different types. Military watches here are classified based on their bands and they include nylon, leather, and metal banded watches. American watchbands are mostly fabric and nylon in nature while older watches have leather bands.

Leather banded wristwatch

Older military watches come with high-quality leather watch bands that make them look stylish. It often comes in two hues – dark and light – for you to choose your choice. British watches are also leather banded watches.

Nylon banded wristwatch

American military watches often come with high-quality nylon bands which are considered to be less expensive and comes different colors which make it readily available for any taste.

Metal banded wristwatch

This type of military banded watch is the most uncommon military watch. This is as a result of its bulky and inflexible attitude. If you want a unique military watch, you can go for a metal banded watch.

Rubber banded wristwatch

This is also an uncommon band for a military watch. It is made of a soft but robust material which makes it hold heat. It is less suited for the military personnel because they sweat a lot but is suited for private use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which military watch is the best?

The best military watch for you depends on your choice. However, Nylon or leather banded military watch with great functions of checking your altitude, temperature, and atmospheric condition is a better watch to choose.

What makes a military watch different a regular watch?

Unlike regular watches, military watches prioritizes functions over style. Military watches are made to provide a high grade of functionality and durability which make them withstand harsh conditions. Military watches are more accurate and durable than regular watches.

When is it appropriate to wear a rubber banded military watch?

Rubber banded military watches are not okay for a serious outing like a wedding, court appearance, on a military expedition among others. It is more appropriate to wear it during your leisure time when there is no strict rule.

Should I buy an original antique or a new military watch?

Your choice depends on you. What you prefer to use really matter. If you love an antique that was worn back then in the Second World War or a newer model, you can get it. However, you should always be sure that it will give you what you want.

What is the lifespan of the battery in the watch?                                                                          

The life span of the battery depends solely on the kind of product you bought. Some products        have a life span of 10 years while some have a lifespan of 1 year. It all depends on your choice.

How to Clean Your Military Watch

Each band has a unique way of being washed. To wash your military watch, you need to consider the wristband and follow the recommended method for cleaning it.

You need to clean your metal banded watch when your watch develops rust due to perspiration. It also needs cleaning when there is rust around its bracelet segment. The rust is a yellow discoloration on the metal.

To clean a metal banded watch you need to wipe off the moisture or dirt with a soft cloth. Apply a neutral detergent that has been mixed with water. You can then wipe the stain off with cloth or a toothbrush if it is a heavy stain.

A leather banded watch has a great tendency of getting discolored or deteriorated in direct sunlight due to sweat or moisture. Often time, it gets dirty while using it. Afford swimming or bathing with it.

To clean it, you need to wipe off sweat as soon as possible with a very soft and dry cloth. Place it in a well-ventilated room that is free from direct sunlight for it to dry.

White urethane bands absorb other colors easily leading to discoloration or color smears. It is very prone to discoloration when it is wet and placed in direct contact with the sun.

To clean it, you need to wash the dirt with water a lot of water then dry it thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

Always protect the watch face from water and to clean it, you can clean with a soft and slightly wet cloth before drying it.

Care and Handling for Military Watches

You need to take some extra care while using this product in order to get more from it. There is some limit that you have to take into cognizance while using the military watch.

Do not let your watch to drop on a rocky surface. Military watches often lose their precision when they fall on a rocky surface.

Do not place your watch above its resistant limit. Avoid dipping your watch in water when the crown is off. Moreover, you should always wipe off moisture and sweat on it with a dry cloth.

After swimming in a sea, wash your watch in a fresh water and clean it. Do not wash your watch in a running water – use a sink or a container.

Do not clean your watch with chemicals. It can cause a chemical reaction which can deteriorate your watch.

Always check the crown of your watch for corrosion. In addition to this, avoid using a soap or steam on your watch while bathing. Soap and stem can affect your water resistant watch tremendously.