Best Machete With Reviews

A machete should have the ability to adapt to different uses and elements from garden work to preparing meals. The best machetes are the ones that will let you both explore and survive.

When selecting a machete you should look for a combination of the following features – specific dimension for mobility, quality components to ensure durability, and a comfortable design for ease of use.

Utility machetes have historically been the ultimate survival tool in the harsh wilderness. They come in different shapes and sizes but the best ones are the ones which keep the basics.

Some of the best machetes are listed below

Condor Golok


The 14-inch Condor machete is your ideal tool in terms of classic handling and traditional style. With the German design dating back over 200 years this model has a proven track record of performance

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The Golok Machete has a full size blade and traditional wooden handle. This allows for adventure with a sense of safety and stability.

Quality Components – The hardwood handle provides a comfortable grip.  The carbon steel blade is lightweight and wont need to be sharpened often.

Precision Built – The epoxy covered blade features 107 sculpted vents. The serrated style blade is great for cutting wood and meats.

Dimensions – Full size blade at 14 inches, 6 inch handle and 24 ounces. With these common dimensions it is easy to store and transport on your body.

Accessories – Includes a custom leather sheath with body attachment. This means the blade is safe and accessible at all times.

Specialty Uses – The style of blade is used for clearing tough trails and hunting game. Safari and Bush guides can find this tool ideal when working in dense areas.

A long list of features and accessories ensure the Condor Machete has a design tested for outdoor durability and functionality. It is a good machete for the wild outdoors explores and adventurous trekkers

Key Features

  • The hardwood handle and lightweight blade allow for durability
  • Highly efficient serrated blade
  • Custom leather sheath for safety

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The Kershaw machete is a utility knife designed as a part of a popular product line by Kershaw. The all black kit comes in three different blade sizes leaving you with plenty of options.

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The blade is designed in a dagger style making it best suited for smaller tasks such as carving, fileting, and cutting. Billed as a camp knife this will let you enjoy the wilderness as you would like to.

Quality Components – The lightweight carbon steel blade provides durability. The rubber handle provides a comfortable grip and is very low maintenance.

Dimensions – The knife comes in 10”, 14” or 18” blade with a 6” handle.  The blade options make it easier to choose an appropriate length for your own personal safety.

Safety Features –A custom molded sheath with nylon straps is included for safety. This means your hands are free to work on separate jobs.

Specialty Uses – This blade style provides precise cutting and carving. This can be used in preparing a campfire, hunting small game and creating art.

Design – The straight form of this blade is great for chopping. This makes it an efficient tool for cutting smaller logs and making trails.

The Kershaw Machete is perfect for the weekend warrior. It can be a stand alone tool on any camping weekend or fishing trip, there are very few areas in which this machete wont be useful.

Key Features

  • Three Blade lengths extend its range of abilities.
  • Molded sheath provides safe storage and transportation.
  • Comfortable rubber grip provides stability.
  • Designed for small game hunting and cleaning.

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Schrade Kukri


The Kukri Machete is a sturdy blade and handle construction coming to us from Taylor Brands. With over 40 years in the industry Taylor provides a quality utility blade for people inclined to work outside professionally.

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With a unique design the Kukri can slice powerfully through brush and unkempt trails. It is a full size utility blade that is great for a full time adventurer or even a master gardener.

Quality Components – The stainless steel blade is easily maintained and lasts a long time. A custom rubber handle has a comfortable grip and provides additional durability.

Dimensions – At just 23.65 ounces, a 13.5” blade and a 6.5” handle the full size machete is perfectly balanced. This allows for comfort and precision when striking the blade.

Accessories – The Kukri sheath includes pockets for additional tools and durable material for safety. The knifes’ handle is customizable for a more complete and secure grip.

Design Features – The precision cut designs in the blade meet less air resistance while swinging, making for greater mobility. This allows for accuracy when using in small spaces as well.

Safety – A body sheath is included so it can be safely stored while you are moving. The blade design itself will keep your hands safe while sharpening.

Overall the Kukri Machete is a great knife for those travelling off the beaten path. With its ability to clear through thick brush and its precision design makes it perfect for long term use.

Key Features

  • The stainless steel blade means low maintenance and adds durability.
  • Built for lightweight precision the design is efficient.
  • The safety sheath easily prevents injury

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Cold Steel Kukri


The Cold Steel Kukri is the machete for professionals. Touting an extended blade from Cold Steels’ razor technology it is built for power and durability.

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Crafted with the wild South African terrain in mind this Magnum Kukri is essential for safari and wildlife guides, military personnel and professional outdoorsmen.

Quality Components – The molded polypropylene grip provides smooth movement and comfort. The carbon steel anti-rust blade provides max durability.

Dimensions – The extended 17” blade and 5” handle provide a larger model. Even with the size this machete is extremely lightweight at 16.8 ounces, making it extremely mobile.

Design Features – The magnum kukri is weighted for its smaller handle/longer blade construction. This means more leverage as you chop, swing and cut your own trail.

Safety Accessories – The Codura sheath is included for safe and secure storage. Your fingers remain safe with the custom finger guard and a handle with a no slip grip.

Specialty Uses – Built to handle the  bush of Africa it is made for long term use in extreme conditions. This allows for use in all climates – rain or shine you’ll be able to use this tool.

This lightweight and mobile utility machete is best suited for those who travel and work in any extreme wilderness scenarios. Whether it is used to explore Africa or conduct scientific research in the Amazon this tool will provide sufficient support.

Key Features

  • A weighted balanced design provides greater strike force.
  • Features a finger guard for additional safety.
  • Built for specific use in extreme outdoor environments.
  • Has anti-rust coating for extended use.

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Gerber Bear Grylls


The Gerber brand has been in the industry for over 85 years and hails from the west coast with its Bear Grylls branded machete. It is designed for any outdoor environment you would in encounter in North America, which is just about everything.

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This machete does everything you can imagine Bear Grylls himself doing in the extreme wilderness. Professional hunters, military personnel and survival experts count on a knife like this for their livelihood.

Quality Components – A carbon steel power coated blade made in USA provides max durability. A weatherproof textured rubber grip adds comfort and stability.

Dimensions –  A 13.5” blade, 6” handle and just 25.4oz this is a well balanced machete. The large handle provides additional control over the blade.

Design Features –Features an angled Parang style blade making it easy to sharpen. Almost every feature on this blade was added to increase safety and mobility

Safety Accessories – The attached lanyard provides a secure no-slip grip. An additional SOS and Survival guide are included for safety education as well.

Specialty Uses – The military grade accessories are for soldiers and those in active outdoor duties. This allows professionals to perform their needed tasks throughout punishing terrain.

The Bear Grylls machete is tried in tested through many scenarios. This knife is for professionals with the needs to clear cut trails, defend against wildlife and create shelter for safety.

Key Features

  • The no slip grip and carbon steel blade comply for durability.
  • Additional safety information included for survival tactics.
  • The parang style blade is perfect for tough terrain.
  • All the accessories are custom made for quality control.

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When deciding on which Machete you want to take on your next Safari make sure you think about all the options you have. it is important to know whether you’ll be carving a marshmallow stick or trekking through the jungle.

As an outdoors professional ideally serving in the military, a wildlife research, tour guide or just an everyday adventure – making use of these utility machetes will boost your productivity in any field.

A guide to buying a Machete

Various types of Machetes

There are a few variants of the machete, these slight differences tweak the tools performance. They come in all shapes and sizes and you should take advantage of knowing the common types.

Bush Machete – Your best all around bet, this is a straight blade machete which cuts through heavy vegetation with ease. This is a popular choice for its utilitarian aspect, it can be transported easily proving its mobility.

Weighted Machete – The local lumberjack of Machetes, a weighted machete sports a flat blade for optimal chopping. The curved blade is to avoid snags while clearing your way through thick wooded areas.

Kukri Machete – With an Asian influence this machete features a custom curved blade. With 3 sections to the blade designed for stabbing, carving and slicing this is for the jack of all trades. This type of machete has a long tradition in the Asian culture and the style transcends worldwide.

Parang/Golok Machete – A classic machete, this knife features a wide curved blade and is great for traditional uses. It can lead the way through dense wooded areas with balance and ease. This type of blade design prevents lodging into the wood which allows for an efficient trek.

There are many type of blade designs and specialty use machetes, the above are a few of the most commonly used machete model types.

Which Machete will work best for you?

The most important thing to do when selecting a machete is to pinpoint your exact reasons for needing the tool. When making your choice ask yourself which of the scenarios best describes what you’ll need to use your own machete for.

Weekend Warrior – Activities would include cleaning up a campsite, chopping small firewood and tidying up overgrown gardens. A weighted machete would be used best for this type of activity.

Safari Guide – Would be needed for constant upkeep of trails, clearing of thick brush, and a safety tool against predators. A guide would use a bush machete built for everyday use and max durability.

West Coast Trekker – Needed for longer term use in adverse weather conditions. Hiking through the forest the Parang style machete is ideal for its mobility and efficiency.

Professional Tradesman – Uses include wood carving, shelter building and preparing game. A Kukri style machete provides precision and stability for use in detailed tasks.

This should allow you to match up your lifestyle with the type of machete you are looking for. There are many different styles but the correct one should coincide with what you will ultimately being using it for.

How to Maintain Your Machete?

The setup for your basic machete is quite simple as there are very few parts. This makes each component absolutely vital in the performance of the machete. To maintain the functionality of the blade and handle there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

Sharpening the blade – Carbon and stainless steel blades are easy maintained with a sharpening steel. Ceramic sharpeners are used for mobile sharpening and short term fixes.

Storage – You should always store and transport a machete via a sheath. For optimal performance the sheath should be custom to the blade to provide both comfort and security.

Handle Maintenance – Wood handles will need to be oiled occasionally for long time use. Rubber and synthetic handles can withstand most wear and tear and are easy to clean with common products.

Regular Use –  The blade should be sheathed when not in use, preventing damage and injuries. The most important note will always be safety; you should always practice techniques for best results.

History of Machete’s uses as a Weapon?

The name itself conjures up the idea of a survival weapon – ‘machete’. Known for its long sword-like blade it has been adapted over time into a utility tool its history is rooted as a weapon.

Historical Uses – Formed from the “cutlass” sword, it began as an agricultural tool on tropical islands. The only weapon of rebels who worked in cane fields where the sharp tool was abundant. The workers would use the tool to fight against enemies over land and in defense.

Wildlife Defense – For centuries the machete has fought off wildlife all around the world. Safari guides to mountaineers have tales of machetes saving their lives from lions, snakes and bears many times over.

Defense against an Attacker – Most commonly seen in scary movies, the idea of fighting of an attacker with a machete is believable but not very common. In the past it was a weapon of war, now it is mainly a utility blade.

Military Weapon – The Brazilian army developed a custom machete built for trekking through the just and as a defense weapon against dangers in the amazon jungle. It has been used for over 20 years and is considered a standard tool.

The use of a Machete as a weapon is pretty common throughout history. Since its inception the machete has been known for it dual use as a weapon and a tool. Understanding the past uses for Machetes helps you treat the dangerous tool with respect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Machetes:

These are some common question prospective shoppers have when in search for an ideal machete. 

What is the average machete blade size?

Anywhere between 13” and 18” in length is a normal range. Also note the blade width which will vary by style but should be within 2” and 4.5”. Larger options are available but for specialty uses.

What material should the blade be made out of?

Carbon Steel and Stainless steel are common because they are durable materials. Look for treated blades for less maintenance. You can also find custom ceramic options for high precision tasks.

What type of machete is best for chopping wood?

A parang or golok style blade would be best for wooded areas. The curve of the blade means less sticking in the wood making it much easier to use. For dryer climates look to use a Bush Machete for durability.

What type of machete is best for hunting?

A machete with a shorter blade is ideal. The Kukri style blade is great for cleaning game as it provides different angles and blade sizes. Because of the intensity a secure and comfortable grip is essential.

What is the safest machete to use?

All machetes are potentially dangerous. The blade should always be sheathed when not in use and you should always have a secure grip while using the knife. Make sure you use all the safety accessories these tools have. Proper handling and following safety instructions must be followed to ensure safety.