Best Dive Watches With Reviews

On a dive, the best dive watch serves as a reliable companion. It can give timely reminders such as how deep you already are and how long you’ve been there.

Dive watches relay important information that can turn out to be a lifesaver. It can tell when it’s time to start going up to avoid any untoward incidents.

Dive Watches Reviews

Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch


Scuba divers can use the Seiko Men’s SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch up to a depth of 660 feet. It doesn’t need a battery because it powers with just your arm movement. It has a high quality Japanese automatic movement.

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Suunto Core


The Suunto Core is a wrist-top computer watch, which you can use while snorkeling. It has a barometer, altimeter, depth meter and compass. It also has a storm alarm and weather trend chart.

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Men’s 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch


The Men’s 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch from Luminox can be taken to up to 660 feet deep. It has a black dial and polyurethane case. It has an incorporated date function.

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Eco-Drive Men’s Promaster Diver Watch


The Eco-Drive Men’s Promaster Diver Watch from Citizen can function without a battery because it is powered by light. It even comes with luminous hour markers. The case is made of stainless steel.

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Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch


The Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch can be taken to depths up to 660 feet. It possesses a professional quartz movement. This stainless steel watch has a bezel that turns uni-directionally.

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Types of Watches

Watches are more than just tools to tell time. There are different kinds of watches categorized per function and use. The following are just five of them:

Automatic Watches. It remains to be the most popular since users don’t have to worry about batteries. It has a self-winding system which uses arm motion to turn the main string. 

Chronograph Watches. The chronograph function on these watches enables you to keep track of time, races, and events. It is still one of the most popular.

Fashion Watches. These watches are often seen worn by women because aside from telling time, they are used to make a fashion statement. Their fashionable design is their main selling point.

Luxury Watches. These are more than timepieces. They are often decorated with studs. People tend to use them to make an impression, because most manufacturers are known as high-end brands.

Dive Watches. More than being water-resistant, these watches can be worn by scuba divers during dives to the deepest parts of the ocean, hence, the name.

How to Select Dive Watches

When purchasing dive watches, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you are buying the timepieces that you can safely use under water.

Water resistance. This is the most important characteristic to look for. Minimum depth should be 200m. Choose one that is made from high grade titanium or stainless steel.

Screw Down Mechanism. The crown and the case bank are the most prone to breach. It should have the screw down mechanism. Also, look for watches with 100% tight seal gaskets.

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel. This is indicated by a luminous marker at the 12 o’clock position. This security feature ensures that the dial won’t rotate backwards under water.

Legibility is clear even under water. As divers go deeper into the ocean, it gets darker and darker. Look for dive watches that you can clearly read, uncluttered.

Corrosion Resistance. If frequently used under water, your dive watch should be able to resist the build-up of sea salt and easy to clean. Case should be made of high grade materials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dive Watches

What is a diver’s watch? It is a waterproof timepiece that can withstand the pressure of the depths that divers wish to go into. It is an essential accessory for divers.

Can I use my “waterproof” watch for diving? Technically you can, but check your watch’s manual first. There are levels of waterproofness that manufacturers set.

Is it a requirement to have a dive watch with “computers” when I go scuba diving? No. However, a “dive computer” provides addition information like depth and the time left before you need to resurface.

If not a requirement, why do scuba divers wear them? Tradition and preference and they are associated with the sports. It also serves as backup in case their computer fails.

What is this rotating “thingy”? That is a rotating bezel, marked with up to 60 minutes so that divers will know how long they have been down.

What should I look for? The most important consideration is the depth rating which should be at least 100m. Look for one with a rotating bezel. Titanium is a durable material.

How to Maintain Dive Watches

Make sure that your dive watch will last a long time by knowing how to properly care for it. Here are helpful tips that you can follow:

Rinse your watch thoroughly after every dive to remove sea salt. Use fresh water. You should also rinse off chlorine if you used the pool for training.

While rinsing, turn your watch’s bezel to remove grit or salt residue that may have gotten under the dial. Make sure it is clean to prevent damage.

Gaskets or the rubber/plastic seals inside your watch, will eventually deteriorate through time. Make sure that you inspect them every 18 or 36 months. Change them if needed.

Never wear your dive watch when you use the hot tub, jacuzzi, or sauna. Extreme temperature changes may damage the seals rendering it vulnerable to water penetration.

Whatever you do, never expose your watch to strong chemicals, solvents, or aerosol sprays. These could dry out the parts of the watch, thereby damaging your device.