Best Bivy Sack

Carrying the best bivy sack in your next outdoor adventure means less weight to carry but with a reliable easy-to-use shelter. It is a fun alternative to conventional tents.

A bivy sack gives the protection of a tent and the convenience of a sleeping bag. It is more compact to carry than a tent and much easier to set up. It can provide adequate protection against the elements, even in the midst of snowfall.

Bivy Sack Reviews

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy


The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy is made of three layers of GORE-TEX respiration positive material. The nylon floor has a waterproof hydroseal coating. It has sleeping pad straps and wholly taped seams.

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Military Modular Sleep System


The Military Modular Sleep System by Tennier can be used in different climates. It has four pieces – an intermediate sleeping bag, patrol sleeping bag, compression sack, and bivy cover. The bivy cover is made of durable GORE-TEX Woodland fabric.

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Outdoor Research Helium Bivy


The floor of the Outdoor Research Helium Bivy has an anti-fungal coating. The bivy cover is designed to be breathable and water-resistant. It contains five stake loops and fully taped seams.

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Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere Bivvi Shelter


The Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere Bivvi Shelter is a solid refuge for one person. It is designed to be well-ventilated and weather-resistant. It comes with a mosquito net, sealed taped seams and lightweight poles.

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Chinook Summit Bivy Bag


The Summit Bivy Bag by Chinook boasts of having a facial ventilation system. It provides a spacious foot box and a contoured hood. The seams, top fabric and bottom fabric are waterproof.

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How to Select a Bivy Sack?

A bivouac sack, better known as a bivy sack, needs to be well-ventilated and weather-resistant. Outdoor enthusiasts who are scouting for one should look into the following factors:

Floor – The bivy sack floor should be made of heavy duty material. Nylon is commonly used for the floor. A waterproof coating usually reinforces it.

Cover – The cover should match the durability of the floor. In addition, it has to be weatherproof and breathable. GORE-TEX is a usual fabric used for the cover.

Seams – The cover and floor have to be sewn together well. The seams of the bivy sack have to be fully taped to prevent the cold and moisture from getting in.

Legroom – The bivy sack may be tiny but it can have more legroom. A foot box or additional space can be provided so that a bivy sack user will not feel constrained.

Ventilation – Other features are added in some sacks to aid the breathable cover in promoting better ventilation. These include a contoured hood and facial ventilation system.

Types of Bivy Sack Coating

Bivy sacks are usually sorted by the types of coating applied on their floor. The coating aims to make the floor more durable. The following are the most common ones:

Hydro seal coating – This waterproof coating system effectively blocks pores to prevent the entry of water. It can also absorb moisture to keep the water on the exterior.

Antifungal coating – Aside from being water-resistant, this coating goes the extra mile. It is equipped with a mechanism, which prevents the growth of fungi, molds and other microbes.

Polyurethane coating – This is another type of waterproof coating. It is known to be extra durable and is also resistant to the elements as well as chemicals.

DuraShield coating – This water-resistant coating is weatherproof as well. It is formulated to provide long-lasting protection for fabrics. Bivy sacks with DuraShield coating are regarded as premium types.

Reflective coating – This type of waterproof coating has a special function. It keeps the body heat of the bivy sack user and bounces it back. It serves as an under bed insulation.

Types of Bivy Sack Cover Fabric

The cover of a bivy sack is equally important as the floor. It also has to be heavy duty and weatherproof. These are the most common fabrics used for a bivy sack cover:

GORE-TEX – The GORE-TEX fabric has pores that allow water molecules to enter but block liquid water. Aside from being waterproof, GORE-TEX is also a breathable membrane.

ToddTex – The ToddTex membrane prevents liquid water from passing through. In addition, it is treated with a fire retardant. The ToddTex is used not just for bivy sacks but also for shelters and tents.

Sympatex – This membrane is breathable, windproof and water-resistant. The waterproof mechanism works even if the membrane does not have pores that block molecules. The membrane absorbs the water and evaporates the molecules.

Silnylon – This term stands for silicone impregnated nylon. This water-resistant and durable material, however, is not breathable. An offshoot of Silnylon is the breathable silicone impregnated polyester.

eVent – The eVent membrane is both breathable and water-resistant. It is a porous material, which blocks water molecules. The molecules evaporate more quickly because there is no inner coating that gets in the way.

Advantages of Having a Bivy Sack

Outdoor enthusiasts opt to sleep in a bivy sack for several reasons. For one, it is lightweight and portable. You can easily take it with you along with your sleeping bag.

A bivy sack is way cheaper than a tent. You do not have to shell out much for a bulky tent anymore. The durable bivy sack is a worthy alternative sleeping space.

The size of the bivy sack is perfect for those who want to have their personal space when sleeping. There are outdoor enthusiasts who would rather sleep alone in a bivy sack than sleep in a tent with others.

The bivy sack size also gives you a hassle-free setup experience. You just need a small patch of flat ground to lay down your sleeping bag and bivy sack. No complicated assembly is required.

Hardcore outdoor enthusiasts prefer to sleep in a bivy sack because it gives them an authentic feel of the outdoors. They really get a feel of being in the wild because they are not sheltered from it.

Extra benefits for those sleeping in a bivy sack include hearing animal sounds more clearly, listening to the swaying of leaves, feeling the wind on their face and staring at the beautiful sky.