Best Arrow Rest With Reviews

Do you want to have better precision when you shoot your arrows? Get the best arrow rest and see the big difference in your marksmanship.

Using an arrow rest reduces the oscillation that can keep the arrow from hitting the target. It helps in a better, straighter, and more precise shot every time.

Arrow Rest Reviews

HDX Arrow Rest


The HDX Arrow Rest by Quality Archery Designs is made of durable stainless steel. It looks sleek because of its curved capture bar design. It has advanced technological features in velocity drop away, lock down, and vibration.

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LimbDriver Pro V Rest


The Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest can be used with the right and left hand orientations. It has a free-floating launcher blade, which absorbs arrow shocks. It provides simple processes to set up the rest and tune the bow.

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Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest


The Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest by Ripcord Technologies Inc has a reliable internal brake system. It has an extra durable launcher arm and an adjustable mounting arm. It provides an especially quick drop-away time.

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Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter


The Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter from Quality Archery Designs has an exclusive Velocity Drop-away Technology. The rest allows you to shoot shorter arrows. It additionally provides a breakaway safety feature.

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Thin Air Fall Away Arrow Rest


The Thin Air Fall Away Arrow Rest by Allen Company has a quiet launcher. It is possible to install it in all types of compound bows. You can adjust the windage and angle without any difficulty.

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Types of Arrow Rests

There are a variety of arrow rest designs that are available in the market, but the three most popular are the containment, shoot-through, and drop-away rests.

In Containment rests, the arrow is completely surrounded by the rest, or held tightly in place, until the actual shot, to prevent it from falling.

Drop-away rests hold the arrow securely in place until the shot is made, at which point it falls away to allow it to fly unhampered.

Shoot-through rests provide a cradle to support the arrow, and then move down and forward when the shot is made to prevent it from disruption.

The containment rest is popular among new and untested archers as well as those who want to reduce the risk of the arrow falling down.

Drop-away rests are also widely used because they provide the combined benefits of Containment and Shoot-through rests without the risk of the arrow being disrupted.

How to Choose an Arrow Rest

What is your skill level? If you are just learning archery, a containment rest is the best choice since it will prevent you from making errors when shooting.

Another benefit of containment rests is that they reduce the risk that something can go wrong in the heat of the hunt, such as the arrow falling down.

On the other hand, drop away rests are a good choice if you have some experience since they guide your shot while providing a cradle for the arrow.

This type of rest is also good for long-distance hunters since they help improve accuracy by guiding the arrow as well as providing complete fletching clearance.

What is your budget level? Shoot through rests are the most affordable and, in many cases, the easiest to set up once you’re in position.

However, many experts recommend drop-away or containment rests because they are ultimately more helpful so bearing the extra cost of these types may be worth it.

How to Set Up a Drop-Away Rest

Ensure that the area where the rest will be placed is clean and level. Remove any obstructions and clean the area with a commercial cleaner or alcohol.

Center the hole in your bow’s plunger recess over the arrow rest’s hole. If there is no plunger, line up the bow handle vertically with the rest.

Clamp the nocking point on the string with pliers. The nocking point will ensure that the arrow is consistently placed on the string for maximum accuracy.

To place the nocking point properly, place a bow square on the rest, which should also be against the bow’s string. Place the point 5mm above the square.

To test the accuracy of the set up, shoot a few arrows. They should shoot true. If there is any abnormal movement, move the nocking point up slightly.

Since arrow rests are designed to be either right- or left-handed, you should buy one that fits your particular handedness to ensure you get satisfactory results.

Arrow Rest Safety Precautions

Before shooting an arrow using a rest, inspect it first. Shooting damaged arrows can result in injury to your hand since the arrow may break.

To inspect the arrow for damage, hold it on both ends and bend it away from your body. Check for splinters and listen for cracking noises.

You should also not assume that brand new arrows are undamaged. Make sure to check all your equipment to ensure they are in good condition.

Make sure that your arrow is the right length. The end of the shaft should sit around an inch in front of the arrow rest at full draw.

You also need to have your bowstring periodically replaced. These strings stretch as they age, increasing your effective draw length and affecting your shooting accuracy.

Make sure that the nock is correctly seated on the string. If the nock uses a ‘2-click’ system, listen for the second click to ensure it is fully seated.