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Camping For Couples: 11 Tips to Stay Sane and Make it Romantic

If you love being out in the wilderness and you love your spouse or partner, then why would you not combine the two together and go on a romantic getaway out into your favorite campsite?  However, there’s no denying that there’s a lot that can go wrong during any camping trip, from being cold and wet to getting lost to forgetting to pack something important.

These eleven tips can make your next camping trip as a couple as sane and romantic as possible:

Selecting a Destination That’s Romantic

The very first thing to do is to select a camping destination, and specifically a place that’s romantic.  Choose a location that matches you and your partner’s preferences, whether that be next to a waterfall, in an open field under the stars, or next to the ocean or a lake with a good view of the sunset.. read more

How To Plan A Camping Trip

Knowing how to plan a camping trip is crucial if you want to enjoy this time with nature and away from all the usual perks of modern life. That first camping trip can make or break your decision to have more sojourns with nature. If you can start if off perfectly, you’ll find that the next outdoor trips will be so much easier as well as pleasurable.

Identify your Campsite

Choose a campground taking into account the people you’ll be camping with and the activities you plan to have. If you’re camping with the kids, then something a little nearer to civilization with a few modern facilities (like a toilet) is ideal. For adult-only excursions however, something a little rougher shouldn’t be an issue. read more