21 Best Survival Shows [MUST WATCH]

You know that someday you might find yourself in a situation where your survival skills would be the defining element that could mean life or death. Wouldn’t it convenient if you could gain some of these skills just by watching TV? Well, if you pay close attention, it is possible to get some ideas and tips by learning from the experiences of people and characters in survival shows. Below is a list of some of the best survival shows that I think have something to offer .

1. Combat zone

combat zone

The show involves characters who are trying to survive a post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts that has just undergone an alien invasion. The characters are comprised of civilians and militia who are fighting off aliens while trying to survive. read more

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet- Step By Step (with images)

Pretty is as pretty does – and a bracelet made from paracord does a lot. What began as a practical way for firefighters, soldiers, and outdoorsmen to carry extra cord has ballooned into a booming business which serves urbanites and outdoor aficionados. Aside from being hip, there are very real, very practical situations where a paracord bracelet (also referred to as a survival strap) can not only be handy but be lifesaving.

Among the various survival situations an outdoor adventurer can find themselves in, and where paracord can be useful. The individual strands can work as a bowstring, a fishing line, or as a thread to repair a tent. In fact, you have a tourniquet to stop severe bleeding or a way to hold a splint on a broken limb. You can even replace a broken backpack buckle using the one on the bracelet. All of the bracelet’s components buckles, shackles, 550 sheath and the core material itself can be used in a multitude of the situations. read more

SHTF – Plan, Gear, Resources

When shtf (stuff hits the fan) and panic sets in, survival becomes one’s main priority. Being prepared beforehand increases your chances of survival dramatically. That said, it’s equally important to think on your feet and follow a few essential protocols in order to pull through the disaster. Adhering to the below mentioned steps will also go a long way.

Assess the Situation

The first essential step to take after shtf is quickly gather as intelligence as possible. At this point, you need to firstly ensure that you aren’t seriously hurt. In case you are seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Secondly, check if anyone around you needs medical attention. Thirdly, check if there’s a power outage or not. Fourthly, look for a first aid kit for anyone who may require medical attention. read more

SHTF Scenarios – Preparing for the 10 Most Likely SHTF Scenarios

Are we really that safe today? The relatively calm life that we feel is ours by right could be overturned in a matter of seconds. Nature lets us know once in a while that we are not really in control of our destiny. The things that we do or do not do every day could turn into man-made disasters that destroy the world as we know it. Then there is the all-powerful, unpredictable and sometimes moody universe which could very easily terminate our species. Here is a list of the 10 most likely SHTF scenarios that could occur with tips on how to best prepare for them. read more