How To Survive A Tsunami

Do you want to know how to survive a tsunami?

It’s important to know what to do when a tsunami hits as you will only have little time to react. But first, let’s talk about what causes a tsunami.

Causes of Tsunami

A tsunami is a huge, destructive sea wave caused by a sudden, violent change in the surface of the ocean floor. The common cause is an undersea earthquake, but landslides and volcanic eruptions can also trigger it. Even large extra-terrestrial debris such as a meteorite that would fall into the earth can trigger a tsunami. read more

How To Survive A Flood

As it stands, flooding and flash floods are among the most lethal and costly natural disasters.  In fact, almost ninety percent of all damages that are caused by natural disasters in the United States are due to flooding.

The reason why flooding is so prevalent is because of the great number of ways that it can occur: tropical storms, melting snow, dam failures, intense rainfall, and so on are just a handful of the different causes of flash floods.

Floods are also incredibly destructive because they carry uprooted trees, rocks, and debris with them that can inflict even more damage on human settlement such as buildings, homes, and cars.  What’s more, is that the aftermath of a flood is very prolonged as waterlogged houses and buildings will need to be cleaned out and debris picked up. read more

Homestead Land – Guide with (FREE) Land Options

While you may never have thought that it was possible to find homestead land that is free in the world we live in today, the reality is that there are multiple places where you can find such land.  Granted, these lands are not completely free, but the local or state governments do offer plenty of attractive incentives in an attempt to grow their communities.

As a result, much of the free homesteading lands that we will talk about are from small towns, but on the flip side of things, that means that you have an opportunity to get away from big city life and find somewhere that’s more calm and peaceful. read more

Choosing a Bug Out Location: Staying Safe When SHTF

Even though it is wiser to bug in rather than to bug out in a majority of survival scenarios, there may be certain situations where your home is directly threatened and you have no choice but for you and your family to bug out for the sake of safety.

In the event that you do evacuate your home, you need to have at least one place for you to bug out to, or a bug out shelter.  Where this bug out shelter is and how you will get there will largely determine whether or not you bugging out keeps you and your family alive. read more

The Definitive Bug Out Bag Checklist – Everything You’ll Need

Bug Out Bag list

One of the most popular concepts in the world of prepping is the bug out bag, also known as the go to bag or the three day survival bag.  When disaster has suddenly struck and you have no choice but to evacuate your home NOW, your bug out bag is what you grab before you go.  It needs to be easily accessible and contain enough supplies to make you survive for a minimum of seventy two hours after a disaster.

Building a bug out bag is one of the most important things you can do as a prepper because how well you build it will largely determine how long you survive for after you bug out from your home.  However, if you build your bug out bag the wrong way by filling it up with the wrong items or not having enough of the right items, it can be a death sentence that not only kills you but your family as well. read more

11 Proven Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

Even though you should have as many fire starting products in your survival kit as possible, such as lighters, matches, and magnesium flint strikers, the simple reality is that you may find yourself in a survival situation where you don’t have any fire starting materials available.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective methods to start a fire without matches and lighter. We will use most of the things available to us in the wilderness and also use items which may not first come to your mind when you want to start a fire but can be very useful methods. read more

Preppers List – Everything You Need to Weather a Disaster

Face it, when emergencies strikes, everything goes to pot. You’ll be lucky if life is anything at all like it used to be. However, if you make sure to stock up on the most important items, you can drastically decrease your chances of going extinct, as well as maintain your quality of life during a disaster. This is why you need a proper list to prepare – a.k.a. Preppers List.

The following list is an ambitious catalog of items that take into account many kinds of possible disaster scenarios. The items included are designed to help you create a stockpile to get you through the short term, but also give you the tools necessary to become a self-sustaining powerhouse, capable of producing pretty much everything you would need to survive for an extended period of time, even several years. read more

What Are The Best Martial Arts For Self-Defense? Let’s Find Out…

Self-defense is one of the most important survival skills. The ability to turn the tables on your attacker is crucial, don’t you agree? I think a lot of us put-off this aspect of preparedness: learning martial arts as self-defense training. Which got me thinking – what is the best martial art for self-defense?

I’ll bet you can throw a punch, and I’ll also bet that some of you also know how to use weapons, but wouldn’t you feel more secure if you were trained to use your body to defeat an attacker? You can’t guarantee your weapon will always be around. Martial arts training can not only help you defend yourself and your family in many situations, but it will also keep you in damn good shape! read more

The Best Survival Gear List:Life-Saver in an Emergency

If you facing an emergency situation, having the right tools and gears can make big difference.  It is best to identify the best survival gear you can for common scenarios beforehand.

I’ve spent the time to identify tools you will need under such circumstances. You can use this list to get the gears you need based on the situation you are preparing for.

In this article, you’ll find my picks for fire making tools, first aid supplies, weather and navigation gear, and much more. Along with these gears, I have included resources that show how to use these tools properly and when to use them. read more

19 Essential Survival Skills You Will Need in Your Life

Have you ever thought of being caught in the middle of the wilderness? Will you be able to survive?  Do you have the survival skills it will take to work your way out of such a situation?

What if you lose access to clean drinking water and food? If you are not prepared – it can be life-threatening for you and your loved ones! The fact is, you don’t know when you will need survival skills. And how you prepare now, may well determine whether you’ll survive or not.

Don’t worry;

I cover the essential skills along with extensive resources that will prepare you for such situations. You will learn how to find water, food, shelter, navigate without the help of navigation devices and much more. Put these skills to practice when you can so you can be a master when you need them. read more